Birth or Not?

18 Nov, 2010

I’ve been enjoying a social media Sabbath, enjoying the rest and focusing on the life in front of my eyes rather than on the screen. I’m very grateful for my online relationships and I’m sure I’ll return to the world of blogging, texting, tweeting, emailing and Facebooking again soon. (A big virtual hug to all those who have reached out to me while I’ve been quiet.)

Last night I was roused from my peaceful slumber as I pointed to a blog entry that disturbed me. I was moved enough to break my fast and I’m asking for your patience as I rant and hopefully move you to share your voice as well.

Pete and Alisha, a married couple that have been together for 10 years, have a blog site that is collecting comments and votes regarding their pregnancy. They are literally asking the question “Should we give birth or have an abortion?

As far as I can tell this is a legitimate site, couple and situation. If it is a farce, it has been well planned and orchestrated.

They suggest that “public voting is one of the most sacred and honored freedoms we have. What could be more responsible than allowing the public to vote?” I’d suggest that playing Russian Roulette with your baby’s life with one bullet in a two-chambered gun isn’t the best means of experimenting with social media and democracy. If I can’t get them to put the gun down, then I’ll do the best I can to block this abortion bullet.

I’m asking for a couple of things. One, that you’d take the time to visit the site and vote for Pete and Alisha to give birth to this baby. She is in her 16th week of the pregnancy and December 9th is the last day they could have an abortion in their state. They plan to keep their poll open until two days prior to allow for the procedure if that is what is decided.

Second, I’d ask you to pray for Alisha. She has experienced three miscarriages, one at 16 weeks along. This pregnancy hasn’t been without its complications and she is currently working at home and getting lots of rest. The baby’s development is on target.

Third, if you choose to comment on their site, please do so with respect and kindness. I firmly believe that using guilt to motivate someone to righteousness is an ungodly venture. Get to know this couple, reading about who they are and what their situation is all about. Thank them for the opportunity to share your voice and your vote. Do so with Love.

Finally, if you feel moved, please pass this opportunity to others as well. Thank you.

At the time of this writing less than 5000 votes had been cast and the results were near 50%.

Some pages on the site appear to be down due to traffic. The poll is still available on the front page.

13 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    Interesting… the poll is there, but try to see any other pages and I get an error msg "Page not found"….??

  2. Keith Seckel says:

    I voted — thanks for the tip.

    I found it interesting that the image (banner?) at the bottom of the page shows a Ronald reagan quote of "I find it interesting that all the people for abortion are already born"

  3. Erin Fiataruolo says:

    Big surprise…hackers hit their site today.

    It makes me sad to see all the hate spewed by people claiming pro-life.

    I'm glad you brought this to attention. It really has been thought provoking. I ofcourse don't agree with a poll to decide a child's life. I also know that people and their hateful comments aren't going to change their mind either. Seems to be a whole mess of irrational.

  4. Krystal says:

    Wow, that breaks my heart! Definitley going to vote right now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. And it’s true, they need prayer, not hate.

  5. Cindy says:

    Chad, I just tried to go to the site, but an error page is all I can get to. I googled it & thought I'd pass on the following article that came up (posted 1 hour earlier):
    I'll vote if I end up accessing the page, but this type of thing is what makes me want to join you on your social media break!
    By the way, I've missed your blogs! :)

  6. Honor says:

    wondering what kind of parenting these folks might provide if they are really intending to be parents or not by based on the vote by strangers

  7. Melissa says:

    I am so saddened that this couple has decided to allow others to make such a decision like this by complete strangers. Thank you Chad for bringing this blog to our attention. I will go vote right now. And there will be no anger vented toward this young couple. No one knows the emotional trauma that couples go through after a miscarriage has occured. This couple is Gods babies just as much as the infant is. They need our prayers to carry them through.
    I do miss your Blog and hope your fast doesn't last very long because your blogs are alway's so thought provoking. I guess Facebook will just have to stand in for the blog.
    God bless you!!!!

  8. Charlie says:

    The majority of the comments I have read on their site express anything but love and concern. If one does not have a personal relationship with God then we can expect them to see things from a Godly perspective. The true issue hear is the love of Christ. To bring this couple to God so that the Holy Spirit will guide them to correct decision, we must share the love of Christ. God Bless those that have spoken the truth in love and may God convict and correct those that haven’t.

  9. Tiesto1969 says:

    A think uz need 2 get ur selfs fucking seen 2 u sick fuckers give birth uz can help a couple that cant have kids u retards

  10. Emma says:

    If you are willing to have sex unprotected or not. Then you should be able to deal with the consequences. This is disgusting. Basically, they are trying to feel less guilty about aborting the child. What has this child done? The child is innocent. If the votes come back as have the child. I think it should be taken off them. Social Services need to get in there. This is pure evil. You are cruel, sadistic people and I am hoping that there is going to be an intervention.
    Your parents must be so proud. Unplanned pregnancy or not. This is a human life. Every child has the right to a life. This is the worst thing I have ever seen on line and believe you and me, I have seen many things in my time.This takes the Number one spot.
    Asking THE PUBLIC to vote on whether you have an abortion or not… F**KING shocking.. You do as you like, You are famous now.. Enjoy it… People like you should be sewn up and locked away…
    have the child, give the child to a childless couple who can not have children for themselves… This is selfish and you know it… Now go F**k yourself and then check yourself into a mental facility…

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