Why We Need to Police Our Rights

16 Dec, 2012

hrposterWe have a lot of freedoms in our country – the right to free speech, the freedom to worship in the way that we feel led, the right to own guns, the right to assemble. But with these rights also comes responsibilities that we all too often ignore.

When common sense is abandoned it is a detriment to our freedoms. And when there is enough injustice done in the name of our treasured freedoms they will be challenged. They could erode and they may become lost.

I think there is a better solution than letting someone else take our freedoms from us, it is policing them ourselves.

Who better to police the media than the media themselves? Reporters, tv crews, journalists, photographers, and paparazzi had better figure out what is good (not just what makes money) or there will be an opposition to the rights they think they have been endowed with.

Who better to police gun control than those who love and want to protect this right? It is these friends of mine that I’d like to see step up and make some real, life-saving decisions about what gun rights and gun control should look like in our country today. If they don’t they will find that others – who aren’t as impassioned about owning their own guns, clips and bullets – will.

Who better to police the abhorrent rhetoric that is coming out of the mouths of some Christians than Christians themselves? The unloving and un-Christlike statements that come from the mouths of Pat Robertson, Mike Huckabee, Victoria Jackson and Bryan Fischer go practically unchallenged by Christians (especially from the conservative side). And when this happens the rest of the country interprets the non-reaction as acceptance. Hey Christians, you may not have hired these people to be your spokesmen, but right now they are and will continue to be until you speak up against them and take their platforms away.

Here is a practical example: Anytime Westboro Baptist Church states that they are going to picket a funeral the Christian churches in that town, or their own good will and care for the families of the deceased, should be the ones providing safe venues, human barricades and opposition against the Gay-hating Baptists. It might even be good for the Baptists  churches to lead the charge since it is their name and reputation they might consider wanting to protect. But since the Christians aren’t the ones actively policing themselves they leave it up for others to do. And rights will change. And when this happens the Christians will call it persecution, but the rest of the country knows it is because of an outrage that has been building for a long time.

Our freedoms and our rights are supposed to be for the benefit of the people, but when they get used (and abused) in a way that hurts those same people then they are no longer serving their intended purpose.

We need to police the rights we care so much about because the failure to do so means that others will.

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  1. Phil Hawkins says:

    The trouble is, even the so-called "ethical professions"–doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.–have been doing a lousy job policing themselves for years. Their "professional associations" have not done squat to deal with the charlatans in their midst. In my city, there's been a case of drunk driving, by a cop(!–while on duty!) and the union is defending him tooth and nail. And the church, in too many of its expressions, hasn't done much better: the Catholic hierarchy tried to sweep the sex abuse scandals under the rug, the Orthodox have had financial scandals of their own–and those are the most highly organized denominations! Who knows what goes on in the non-denominational groups, until the cops get involved.
    It comes down to us as individuals: Morality from the bottom up works better than legality from the top down. The "grassroots" is going to have to start the cleanup, and work upward. Real revival (not the series of meetings at a local "franchise" but the individual and societal change that seems to come once in a generation or two) is the answer; but I hate to see how much suffering our people will have to endure before they get the message and turn to God once more.

  2. reid wolf says:

    who better to police the banks than the banks, how's that working for ya?

  3. Relyn says:

    I just wanted to pop by and wish you the happiest new year. May your 2013 be full of blessings, laughter, and happy surprises. Thank you for being a blog friend and a joyful part of my life.

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