Beautiful Girl, Beautiful World – Savana and Nevaeh

12 Mar, 2013

Savana is a young mom and new wife who is battling breast cancer.

When we discussed sharing her story as part of The Reveal Mission she mentioned that the first time her five-year-old daughter, Nevaeh, saw her without her hair it was a little scary for her.

Savana thought it would be fun, maybe even healing, to let Nevaeh use her head as a canvas and do some finger painting. Nevaeh was all for the idea.

The next weekend we met in their home, moved aside some dining room furniture, and got out the paints. Nevaeh was a bit timid around my big camera both before and after the photo shoot, but when she had the paint brushes in her hands (I think finger painting was too amateur for her) she was all artist.

Creativity breaks through barriers and helps us forget our fears.

We laughed a lot during the next hour. Nevaeh painted a pink survivors ribbon, an orange spaceship, a red heart, and other colored symbols that matched the colors of her mom’s tattoos. Savana told us the paint brush tickled her head, but that only made Nevaeh laugh and pick another paint.

As I processed the photos I was reminded of a song written and performed by Tyrone Wells. I hope you will push play on the music video and for the next three minutes slowly scroll down through the seventeen photos of two of my heroes, Savana and Nevaeh.




















Please consider sharing their photographic story.

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  1. jenny aegerter says:

    Chad, beautiful work! Savana used to live above me in an apartment complex. I remember her being so sweet and giving. She liked photography also. Is there a way I can get in touch or even give someone my info to pass onto her? I would love to know how to support in any way I can. I remember the day she brought baby Nevaeh home. Amazing lady!

  2. Alice Hoffman says:

    What a great lady!! I love how she loves her daughter. Tell her from one warrior to another, that her attitude will keep her going. Thanks Chad.

  3. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful story Chad! I was in tears scrolling through the images while listening to the PERFECT song you chose. What an amazing Mom Savana is, it shows her love for her daughter beautifully! I loved Nevaeh's facial expressions… priceless and even made me smile. Savana I am keeping you in my prayers and I hope to meet you soon. Hugs!

  4. Ang says:

    Beautiful Mother, precious daughter, and talented photographer makes me a lucky person to see the awesomeness of all three.

  5. Tina says:

    Your work is amazing! You have captured Savana and Nevaeh in a way that expresses their spirits, beauty and strengths! Thank you for making this possible!

  6. Aislynn says:

    Thank you for capturing such a heartwarming moment between Savana and Nevaeh :) So inspiring to see these two using this experience to strengthen their bond. I love these two like sisters and it makes me so happy to see there is so much support and love given to them. Thank you again for sharing this moment.

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