About Chad

As if you wanted to know more…

Chad grew up in Boise, Idaho, a city of trees nestled between the high dessert to the south, a mountain range to the north, and a river running right through the middle of it.

When he was young Chad loved to read. He would finish a Hardy Boys’ novel and then take off on his red, Schwinn Stingray looking for mysteries to solve in and around his neighborhood.

He grew up in a conservative, evangelical church and then made a Holy Ghost jump to a Pentecostal assembly. The mix between these two expressions found a nice home in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship where he worked for many years and was ordained as a pastor.

Chad has always enjoyed education, having an inquisitive mind that was encouraged and stretched by great teachers, mentors, and professors. He graduated from the University of the Nations (UofN) in Kona, Hawaii, with an B.A. in Christian ministries (majoring in Church ministries). He has always appreciated the non-denominational background of Youth With A Mission (UofN’s parent organization), their emphasis on missional living and the purposeful way they invest in and through the lives of young people.

One of Chad’s favorite assignments was the creation and running of the School of Christian Character Development (aka Discipleship in Action) for the Vineyard Community of Churches. He made many life long friends as he built community around the shared desire to follow Jesus.

These days Chad isn’t defined so much with a specific church flavor, role, or vision. His heart is motivated to continue faithfully on a healthy journey. He is very grateful for the other sojourners traveling with him along The Way.

Chad still loves to read—voraciously. He also enjoys writing stories about his journey as well as the sharing the stories of others who inspire him. Some of that can be found here on this blog.

Chad is enjoying helping to tell other’s stories, using both his gifts for writing and photography to help them share what they might not be able to do so on their own. Some of this is raw, revealing, and healing. If you are squeamish or religious, be warned. You can read and see more at www.revealmission.org and www.rawbeauty.me.

Chad and his wife live with their four kids and loving pit bull next to the neighborhood park where he grew up.

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